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Laser Scan & 3D Modeling

Laser Scanning Technology

Laser Scanners, through fast and accurate measurement of angles and distances, allow you to create, at low costs and high geometrical precision and fidelity, 3D models of objects.

With a digital camera, referenced to the laser scanning system, it is possible to enrich the geometric model with radiometric information. The fusion of radiometric and geometric information yields a 3D image with metric quality, and allows the generation of photo-realistic models of objects. These models can be explored in multiple ways by several areas of society, science and especially by the world of engineering.

The Laser Scanners allow significant gains in results, with exceptional performance for indoor and outdoor. Its use increases the profitability of all life stages of a work, structures or objects, from its design to its abandonment, through its operation and monitoring.

With this equipment we enlarge to new limits what can be useful to synthesize from a data set, of unprecedented richness.

With this technology we extend to new limits geometric and semantic data collection capacities producing an unprecedented wealth of information that can be synthesized in new generation engineering documents like orthoimages, 3D CAD models, 3D textured models, digital terrain models, besides the traditional 2D documents like contour lines, , profiles and the like.